blogKelsey McDonald Gibson– The tall girl with green eyes and brown hair, uses this blog as a way to document her life adventures while trying to check off items on her bucket list. This blog contains thoughts, collected moments, and lots of adventure.   

True Life – Colorado girl, turned Indiana University college girl, turned NYC girl, turned back into a Colorado girl. Loves the hustle and bustle of the city, but is at home adventuring through the backcountry while trying to please her wanderlust. Headed off to get her Masters in Nursing, Fall 2019.

Lover of– milk & cookies, my dog Derby, old books, fishing, rainy days, dancing all night, driving with the windows down, backpacking, Hoosiers, s’mores, old friends, football, fall foliage, off-roading, snowball fights, high heels, Moscow mules, iced coffee, Netflix, rock climbing, bike riding, the Broncos, skiing, summer nights, art, Instagram, travel, country music, tulips, pie, fireworks, and time spent with family & friends.